Day 11

im still doing hcg, down 7.6 lbs total.  I’m doing a low carb approach, not the low calorie/low carb original plan.  I didn’t measure myself before starting and I’m kicking myself for not doing that because my body is smoothing out.  The weight loss is slower than normal but I’ve been able to stick to it with no problems!


Day 2 struggles

day two is so hard.  I’m not hungry but I have some serious cravings.  Only lost 1.8 lbs from last night but I’m not POP.


i deleted my facebook a few weeks ago, and not just deactivated the account, but actually delted it all the way.  It’s been nice, but quiet.  There’s not a ton going on right now, except for the fact that I need to skinny up for my sister’s wedding in June.  I’m going to do two short rounds of HCG because nothing else I have tried has worked.  i gained 40 lbs from quitting smoking in Sept 2013 and I cant get rid of it.  anyways, this time i ordered the drops with the actual hormone.  my first two rounds, thats what i had done and i had great success.  then i bought some stuff i found at Sprouts and had tried around 8 more rounds, all of them unsuccessful and none lasting past the first week or so.  i did some research and found out that the stuff i was buying did nit contain any actual HCG, it is like some sort of combo of amino acids and herbs.  so i had been doing starvation dieting, which is why i couldnt last and was stalling like a mofo.  thats all thats up right now.  im blogging from my ipad so im not too worried about punctuation or capitalization haha!  here are some pics from my recent life since i dont post on FB anymore:


went to breakfast with aarons parents while he was in Oregon with his brother,  the guy in the back with glasses is Nicks friend, Isaiah



Nick and his girlfriend, Shania.  she is totes adorbs!



pics from the kids most recent Kung Fu tournament.  jake took first in sparring, and chloe took third


jake, lily, and I.  i just love this little girl!

35 Years Old

Today is my birthday.  Because I recently deleted my Facebook page, I received actual text messages and phone calls from people wishing me a happy birthday.  That was very nice!  Ingrid brought me flowers and Heather had flowers delivered.  I had told Aaron before not to get me anything because we just got my new car (a 2016 Kia Sorento) and we have a cleaning lady that comes every two weeks.  What else is there that I need?

All in all it has been a fantastic day!


I start the 21 day paleo challenge at my crossfit on Monday. So naturally I am eating every non-paleo thing I can find in the days preceding!

Jose O’Shea’s

Tomorrow is Aaron’s birthday, so his parents are taking us out to dinner at Jose O’Shea’s.  The last time I was there was the day that Aaron and said that we love each other for the first time.  We went to Jose O’Shea’s to eat later that night.  This restaurant will always be special to me.


Homeopathic HCG drops contain no HCG.  Not even synthetic HCG.  It’s water with the “memory” of HCG.  Now I’m mad that I starved myself to lose weight.  Oh well – onward and upward.

I checked my kids’ grades on the parent portal today.  Jacob has an F in a class and Nick has a D.  Nick has to maintain straight A’s and B’s in order for Aaron and I to allow him to stay on the football team.  We’ll see what Aaron does when he finds out.  I think the school’s policy is that the kids have to have at least C’s in every class.  I’ll be interested to see if they let him practice today…

Hooray for Friday!  Hooray for eating food again!

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