I really have a hard time coming up with blog titles, so I’m not even going to try this morning. Today Vicky is at work and Aaron went to church. I would have went with him but it’s too hard to watch a 3 week old baby at church, so I stayed home with the kids. Later on we are going to Michael’s birthday party. I can’t believe that he will be six next week. He had just turned three when I started watching him and his sister, Aujane. The party is at a skate park which is very exciting for my kids. Jacob has been sick with the flu since last Thursday, and this morning he woke up feeling great and fever-free. He should be able to return to school tomorrow as long as his fever doesn’t come back. Their policy is that kids have to be fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medicine for 24 hours before they can return to school. Well, my niece Jetta is asleep in her swing right now so I’m going to take advantage of this free time to go hop in the shower.


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