1982 or so

At least I think it was 1982, it may have been late 1981.  We were still living in the trailer house somewhere behind the big blue Kootenai Medical Center in Coeur d’Alene. I know my parents bought the house on Lacey Avenue sometime in ’82.  At any rate, I’m surprised that I even have a memory of this at all since I couldn’t have been any older than 2 1/2 when it happened.  My parents were fighting again.  I don’t have any memories of them fighting other times, but I don’t remember having a feeling of surprise that they were carrying on in front of me.  I have a hint of a memory that my sister was laying in her crib in her room at the other end of the trailer.  I was in the living room, opposite of the front door where my parents were.  Dad was shouting at Mom.  I was hunkered down behind a chair or sofa watching it all and I saw a little white mouse come out to the middle of the room.  I’m not positive that there really was a mouse there, I may have made that part up in my head so as not to be the only one in the room who was feeling uncomfortable.  Mouse scurried out, looked at my parents, and then ran away.


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