Four years ago Aaron and I went to Aspen for our honeymoon, and we’re going back again this year.  When we went for our honeymoon, we actually stayed in a condo in Snowmass Village which is about 10 minutes from Aspen.  We spent a ton of money at a store called Lush, buying bath bombs, soaps, and some other stuff.  We went to Jimmy’s Diner for our wedding night dinner, and when we walked in to this “diner” we were asked if we had any reservations.  For a diner.  Turns out, Jimmy’s Diner was a very upscale restaurant, complete with menus that did not list the price, and reservations only!  I told them it was our wedding day and the hostess talked to a manager and got us a table.  Because the menus didn’t have prices on them, we decided to split one meal to be safe (we had Prime Rib) and I’m glad we did, because the total after tip was $100 for one plate.  Oh Lord!  I’m really looking forward to our trip this year.  We will be staying at L’Auberge D’Aspen which are little individually themed cabins, and only four blocks away from downtown Aspen.


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