Four Years

Aaron and I got back from our Four-Year-Anniversary trip to Aspen yesterday.  We left last Thursday and spent four days and three nights in Aspen, at the L’Auberge D’Aspen.

Day One:  We got to Aspen around 6 p.m., talked the lady into upgrading our cabin to a Club Cabin since it was our anniversary, went out to dinner at La Cantina, and then I spent the rest of the night in bed with altitude sickness.

Day Two:  Walked around Aspen and did a little shopping.  Had breakfast at the Weinerstube, bought some clothes at The Gap, ate lunch at The Hickory House, and took a nap.  After that we got up and went to the Isis Theatre to see The Informant, went out for a salad at Boogies Diner and went back to the cabin.

Day Three:  Breakfast at the Hickory house, and then rented some bikes and rode along the Rio Grande Trail. We were about five miles out and decided to head back, and then realized that the entire ride home was uphill.  The dude at the bike shop was a little more amuzed than I was!  We went back to the cabin for a nap and a soak in the jacuzzi tub, and then went out to dinner at Little Annie’s Eating House.  Went to Carl’s Pharmacy to pick up gifts for Vicky and the kids, and then back to the cabin and got sorta drunk.

Day Four:  I was awake at 5, ready to get home.  Aaron finally woke up around 6:45 and we were gone by 7.  I really missed the kids!


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