I love getting stuff done.  LOVE IT.  I shut off our home phone service today since we all have cell phones around here, and it gave me much more joy than it should have!  🙂  I got a call from Remax today because they were going to show my house.  Then Aaron got a call from the realtor who said that they were actually going to cancel the showing, and not be doing anymore showings for a while since we already have two offers in and he is still in negotiations with the bank.  What a load off my mind…no more being in a constant state of readiness to rush out the door.  Aah…

Aaron took Asher in for an x-ray this morning and the vet called back and said that the x-ray was inconclusive and that they needed to do another one.  I will have to take him down later this afternoon or tomorrow after work after he goes to the bathroom.  It’s looking like he has kidney stones which will probably be dissolved by feeding him some very expensive prescription food for the next 6-9 months. This is much better news than what they said yesterday (they were thinking it might be some sort of organ failure/damage).  My husband really surprised me with his decision to continue spending so much money on my little gray kitty.  He’s not a huge fan of cats OR spending money.  I am happy to know that even though he’s technically spending the money on the cat, in a roundabout way, he’s actually spending the money on me!

Asher is the gray one, and Yodaburger is the black one…

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