There has been quite a lot going on and I’m starting to feel overwhelmed again.  I need to take a deep breath and just write it all out.  Things seem more manageable if I don’t keep them bottled up inside.

1.  We had to take Asher to the Denver Dumb Friends League last weekend.  He won’t quit peeing all over our house (and all over Jacob’s bed).  They are going to put him to sleep if they haven’t already.  I’m trying not to think about it so much because it makes me want to sob.
2.  I got our taxes done.  We owe 1300 dollars.  We had 800 in savings.  You do the math.
3.  Aaron may or may not be getting bonuses starting this month.  If he does, then that’s actually a good thing.  What I’m stressing about is the fact that he might not.  What if he doesn’t?  His boss SAID he would, but still…what if he doesn’t?  We need them now.  We need to get $4000 in savings before we can move out.  We need to start paying off these credit cards.  I’m so tired of being broke.


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