Oh how it irritates me to have an entire post written and then have my computer highlight everything and delete it for me!  Grr…I had a lovely post all written up about my V-Day with my awesome hubby and everything!  Oh well.

I moved from Blogger to WordPress because the tracking and notifications in WordPress are much better than what is offered with Blogger.  So if you are interested in reading any of the old stuff, check out www.miaisneat.blogger.com while the account is still active.

I’m getting back on the bodybugg tomorrow, and going to set a morning appointment with myself to get up and exercise.  I have no major expectations that this time will work any better than the other million times I’ve said the same thing, but then again, maybe I always fail because I expect myself to?

…another reason I like WordPress more than Blogger?  It just allowed me to import all my old posts.  Hooray!


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