Day one of working out and counting calories is going smoothly (as most day ones usually do for me).  I bought a pair of hand weights that are 2 lbs each for my Crunch Boot Camp work out that I am doing in the mornings, and a pair of ankle weights that I just wear around all the time that weigh 2.5 lbs each.  They kind of irritate me because they feel constricting but maybe I’ll get used to them.  If not, I’ll just wear them during my workouts.  Tonight for dinner is lasagna.  I’m going to be trying to figure out ways to make our regular dinners lower calorie without compromising any of the taste.  My main thing tonight is going to be using only half the mozzarella that I usually use, and using part-skim ricotta cheese.  I hope it tastes great and that it sets up right.  Lasagna can be really fickle.


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