Oh Dance Factory…you kick my butt every time I play you!  Since I’ve only had the game for two days now, I guess I don’t have much to complain about but still…  I ordered it from Walmart.com and had it rush shipped to my house (something I normally don’t pay extra for, but I was losing my will to workout with Dance Dance Revolution anymore, and I have worked out five times a week for the last two weeks, and was desperate to keep up the momentum).  Let me just say that so far, Dance Factory hasn’t disappointed.  The graphics and backgrounds are quite a bit lower-scale than those on DDR, but when I’m stomping as fast as I can to hit the arrows in time, I never see the backgrounds anyways.  The new arrows were harder to get used to since they are spaced much further apart, but it didn’t take me long.  Loading my own CDs so that I can work out to music that I like makes it all worthwhile.  With DDR I was stuck with a list of about 50ish songs, some of which I knew, and some of which were clearly Japanese techno (not my fave).  Whenever I would “earn” a new song, it would ALWAYS be Japanese techno so it wasn’t ever anything to look forward to.  Also, DDR has four levels – beginner, basic, difficult, and expert.  I mastered the beginner level in no time, but have been floundering around in the basic level for the last year or so.  Every time I would attempt a difficult song I would lose within a few minutes (sometimes even a few seconds) because the difficulty level would increase too much.  Also with DDR I was only dancing to snippets of songs, maybe 1 to 1.5 minutes each.  With Dance Factory, I am dancing (and I use that term very loosely here) for the entire length of the song (about 4 mins average).  Using my awesome bodybugg, I figured out that I’m burning the same amount of calories in about 2/3 of the time playing Dance Factory.  Enough to win me over right there!

Speaking of my bodybugg, I now have undeniable proof that it is more work to be a stay at home mom than it is to go out to work every day.   On President’s Day I had to stay home since Chloe’s pre-school was closed for Teacher Inservice.  I worked out for 10 minutes and then went about my normal stay-at-home routine of cleaning, cooking, laundry, cleaning, cleaning, cooking, and relaxing after Aaron got home (I was a SAH mom for 3 years until I took a part time job last May) and at the end of the day I had burned something like 3200 calories.  Every other day where I’ve gone to work and then came home, cleaned, worked out for 45 minutes to an hour (and sometimes even longer), cooked dinner, and relaxed after Aaron got home, I have only averaged around a 2700 calorie per day burn.  What gives?  ♥


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