It’s been awhile, huh?  Well nobody reads this anyways so I guess it really doesn’t matter that much.  My last few weeks have been pretty eventful.  We had to pay our taxes that were owed for 2009 (first time we’ve ever owed…ouch!), we had to spend money we didn’t have on getting Jacob’s tooth fixed, fixing my car that didn’t want to go anymore, and fixing Aaron’s truck that had a wheel that wanted to bind up.  Overall I’ve felt pretty overwhelmed and it’s kind of hard for me to wind down after a bunch of things like that have gone on.  We took the kids to the circus the other night.  Jacob’s been using an herbal bath tea to treat his severe eczema that he’s got on his legs.  I’ve finally gotten back into a routine at work after a long bout with a bunch of sick people in our household over the last 4 weeks.  I am 30 now.  I can’t think of anything else major that has happened.  Oh, I planted flowers today.  🙂


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