I’m home alone right now which almost never happens.  It’s quiet in here except for the dishwasher.  I took a hot bath and Chloe wasn’t here to bust in and ask me a hundred times “mama, whatcha doin?”  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day so Aaron took the kids out to buy me presents!  I’m looking forward to tomorrow.  I’m not doing any chores, and I did my grocery shopping today so that I don’t have to do it tomorrow, and I’ve asked Aaron to handle all the meals.  The financial stress has lifted a bit.  All of the major things that were going on last month have been taken care of, and in a week, I will be starting work full time, and with a raise as well.  Aaron’s bonuses are getting larger and larger every month which is good.  I’m hoping that this year is better than the last few have been.  I’m looking forward to lazy weekends at the pool (which is something we didn’t get to do last year with everything going on) and getting caught up on yard work, and just being able to spend some time with my kids where I don’t feel like pulling my hair out from stress!


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