I was about to start this post off by mentioning that I don’t post very often anymore because I’m so busy.  Then I realized that I start off almost every post like that.  Oh well.  It’s true.

The house has finally sold and will close *most likely* on August 7th.  We move out of here on August 1st and into our rental home by Yale & Dahlia.  It’s an old-ish home (built in 1951) and has definitely seen better days.  It’s Ben’s investment home (Ben is my boss’ husband).  He bought it last December and when he bought it, there were some Russian squatters in there living out of boxes.  After they left, he let his cousin live there, and it’s my understanding that his cousin was supposed to live there and fix it up.  The downstairs bathroom looks pretty decent (it has a jacuzzi tub, and one of those sinks that look like a big bowl sitting on a counter).  The living room had some funky bright red and caramel color theme painted on the walls, with black trim painted on everything.  The paint wasn’t ever finished though, it looks like a roller brush was taken to the main part of the walls, but nobody ever came back through with a brush to finish off the corners and around the edges of the walls.  The kitchen is fully equipped with some seriously awful cupboards and it’s own smell.   Oh my gosh, there is so much work to do.  We started by painting the whole house a nice beige color called soft suede.  The trim will be white when we’re done.  We’ve not been able to finish any part of the house yet, but we have a pretty good start.  The living room is mostly done, minus new crown moulding that needs to be installed (the original baseboards were the industrial rubber kind – like what you would find in a gas station bathroom), and we need to trim out the window.  Aaron had to strip the window trim down because there were so many layers of paint on it from before that they wouldn’t even open.  Aaron sanded down most of the kitchen cupboards, and will get that finished soon.  We’ll be applying a clear coat to them and polishing the brass knobs so they look nice again.  We’ll be installing a new black stove, and then adding the black refrigerator that we have in our house now.  After priming, painting, and trimming the kitchen, I think it will be pretty decent.  I’ve already cleaned the upstairs bathroom and that will just need paint.  I’m excited to have all this done with soon.  I can’t believe that three weeks from today we will be in our house and unpacking.  I can’t believe that a month from today, this will all be over…


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