More changes, this time at work.  Rob announced that he will be leaving the company (he’s the Vice President right now, and after he leaves it will just me Ingrid and I in the office).  He’s not sure when, but I guess he is going to start teaching me parts of his job.  I’m nervous about the financial part of it, but sure that I can handle it.  It’s just going to be so weird without him there.  I really like him, he’s such a nice person.  I started crying when he said he was leaving.  Too many things going on for my tiny little mind to deal with right now.  I feel like I’m on overload all the time.  I think they moved the closing date on the house to August 27th which will be nice.  That will give us an extra (almost) 3 weeks to finish moving and cleaning up and getting everything handled.  Is it September yet?


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