It’s almost time to move.  Just six more days until we move our stuff.  Two days later we should be unpacked.  Two weeks after that, we should be settled into our new routine, and I can breathe again!  We spent the whole weekend trying to finish up the new house.  Well, I only spent about 6 hours a day there before the kids were bored out of their minds and I brought them home.  Yesterday we went over there and Aaron started priming the cabinets while I went upstairs and painted our bedroom.  Aaron’s dad came to lend a hand, and he and Aaron stayed there until 10:15 at night working on the cabinets and painting the kitchen.  Oh my gosh, what a difference it makes to have clean cabinets and freshly painted walls!  This morning we headed back and I don’t feel like I actually did much.  I got the main floor bedrooms cleaned out, swept and mopped.  It feels good to have those done.  I also took a toothbrush and a gallon of bathroom cleaner to the downstairs jetted tub.  I don’t think it has ever been cleaned since it was installed, and each one of the jets was completely covered in a layer of scum.  I tried hard not to gag!  I’m glad it’s almost over finally.  I’m ready to put this all behind us and get started on the next chapter of our lives!


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