Loading Day #2

It sure is hard to get on the scale and see a 1.4 pound GAIN in one day and tell yourself that it’s okay. All day yesterday I kept thinking that maybe I didn’t load right, or wasn’t eating enough. I guess with a gain like that, I must have done alright. 🙂 Today I have to go shopping for regular food for the family, and shopping for my food afterward. I’m so happy to live in Denver sometimes. I live 4 blocks away from a Sunflower Market (it’s technically a farmers market, but indoors like a grocery store, and set up just like a grocery store) and 2.2 miles from TWO Whole Foods stores. I’m excited to go look around today for stevia.

Wow, I went to that Sunflower market and got a TON of fruits and veggies, and the grand total was less than 12 dollars. I was completely blown away. I will definitely be shopping at that store whenever I need produce. They had flavored liquid stevia there for only 12 dollars a bottle, but my budget (I only have $100 per week to grocery shop for my family, and for the diet) wouldn’t allow any stevia this time. I have some truvia (same thing as stevia) packets to tide me over. I think I’ll probably be skipping the coffee on this diet, and just drinking green tea. I’m not a huge fan of tea, but as I’m not used to tea tasting a certain way, I think it will be easier to drink than drinking coffee that doesn’t taste the way I like it to.


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