VLCD Day 12

Well there’s only 8 days left of drops (I’m counting today in that number) and then two more days of low cal, then I can start phase three.  I’m very excited about this.  I’m glad that Labor Day falls when it does, because the Sunday before labor day is my first day of phase 3 and I’m making cream cheese strawberry oopsie bread, and then on Monday I can make a Denver omelette…oh baby!  I’m tired of the food already, despite all the wonderful recipes there are out there for p2.  I don’t like fish, and I don’t care for big pieces of meat so it really limits what I can eat.  I’ve been eating the chili because it’s so good that I actually look forward to it.  Scrambled eggs because I love them so much.  I’m not fond of chicken unless it’s shredded inside an enchilada.  It’s hard to find things new to try because I’m not an adventurous eater by any means.  My weight loss seems to be slowing a bit but I already expected that so I’m not upset.  I lost another .4 lbs last night and I’m totally fine with that.  I’m thinking that since I’m doing such short rounds, that even if I can only squeak 15 lbs out per round, that’s fine by me.  I may have to do a third round at some point, but I will probably wait until after the holidays.  I want to be on maintenance during the holidays so I can eat with my family.  I am tired of separate meals and not eating with the kids because our dinners get done at a different time. 


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  1. hiddenbeauty
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 15:13:52

    Wow, I can’t imagine not liking chicken. I think I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and never tire of it. I have a really hard time eating red meat though.

    You’re over half way through this round! =)


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