VLCD Day 20

I lost another .6 lbs this morning which is cool.  Yesterday was my last day of drops, which means my weight yesterday (168.8) was my final weight to be counted for Phase 2.  I think I lost so much weight yesterday because I woke up this morning and TOM had arrived.  I wish I was more regular because it just shows up whenever it wants to and always catches me off guard.  I’m so ready for this 3 day weekend.  I will probably have to go to work for a bit on Saturday to scan stuff (we’re getting ready to move offices in a week or two, and we’re trying to get everything scanned before we move so we don’t have to move all of our paper files with us because the new office is smaller).  After that I will go get Michael and Aujane who I haven’t seen since June and who I miss a TON and they’ll spend the rest of the 3 day weekend with us.  I’m looking forward to making french toast or eggs and bacon on Sunday morning.  It’s amazing how good french toast sounded two weeks ago, and now all the sudden it sounds only okay.  I’ve got our Labor Day BBQ planned already.  We’ll have hamburgers (mine without a bun), deviled eggs, and veggies and ranch.  All things I can eat on P3 and all things that sound pretty delicious!


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  1. hiddenbeauty
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 10:20:03

    Only two more teeny tiny days and then you can relax and enjoy things for a while. Yay!


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