P3 Day 5

Well I’m back to my LDW and I hope I stay here for a bit.  I’m a little confused about whether or not I should be eating dinner if I’m not really hungry, but I can’t find any definite answers on that.  I’m trying to make sure I have protein at each meal but I’m just not really hungry at dinner time.  I don’t want to be eating when I’m not hungry but I also want to make sure that I’m getting enough calories.  Dr. Simeons said to eat when you are hungry on P3, but I just don’t get very hungry now.  Erica, what do you think?

Update:  I cheated today.  I had teriyaki chicken and veggies from Tokyo Joe’s for lunch.  I knew there would be sugar in the sauce and I just didn’t care.  I will probably care tomorrow, but oh my gosh was that sauce ever GOOD.


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  1. hiddenbeauty
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 08:43:22

    Maybe, just for today, you only eat when you’re truly hungry. Make sure when you do eat you’re eating lots of protein and healthy fats. Then tomorrow when you get on the scale you can see how it worked.


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