P3 Day 6

I was so shocked this morning to get on the scale and have lost .4 lbs yesterday.  I ate that teriyaki chicken and was certain I would have gained at least a pound or two this morning.  About an hour after I ate the chicken for lunch yesterday I felt so sick and full that it was hard to stand at work.  I had to keep sitting down because I thought I was going to pop.  This diet confuses me sometimes.  I’ll be glad to be back on the drops and losing weight, but I’m already a little nervous about the next phase 3.  At least I know right now that if I gain some, I’ll be back on p2 in a week and losing again.  After this next round is over, I’m done with HCG until after the new year.  I’ll really have to try harder to maintain my weight after the next round is over.  It feels like I’m all over the board in terms of weight right now, but I haven’t gone OVER my LDW yet, and only actually hit my LDW once.  Other than that, I’ve been below the mark.  Honestly I’m worried that I’m creating a lifetime obsession with the scale.  Before HCG, I could go a few weeks without weighing.  Now it’s like I wake up early just to hop on.  Once I stabilize after my next round, I think I’ll be doing a weekly weighing. I can’t get in a habit of worrying too much because my obsessive personality will take over for sure!


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  1. hiddenbeauty
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 09:41:03

    Nice!!! .4lb loss after some chiken teriyaki!

    I think once I reach my goal I too will only get on the scale once a week. If I gain weight then I’ll just watch my intake for the week and see how things worked out on the scale.

    As annoying as this diet can be, lol, I’m thankful for all it’s done for me. I really am learning about eating and living differently.

    Hope you have an awesome day!!♥


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