P3 Day 8

Only six more days until maple bars and pizza and a Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito with tater tots from Sonic for breakfast!  Aaron’s birthday is on Saturday and I’m having my friend Erica bake him a cake (I just realized that both of the Ericas that I know are both awesome cake bakers…most people surround themselves with positive people, but I like to surround myself with people who can make some FOOD lol) and then we’re dropping the kids off at her house for her son’s birthday party and they’re going to spend the night there while Aaron and I get to have a date night.  I’m very excited!  We’re going to El Aguave for dinner and I’m going to eat chips and salsa until I could pop, and I’m having a chimichanga and a margarita or two.  I’m pumped, except for the part where I will possibly gain another 5 lbs like last time, and the drops will make me not want to eat anything!


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  1. hiddenbeauty
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 15:13:06

    Nice!!! Sounds like you’ve got a plan to really celebrate the loading days…..errr….I mean your husband’s birthday. LOL

    maple bars


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