R2 VLCD Day 5

Another 1.8 lbs lost yesterday and I have now officially lost more than I have left to lose.  Only 18.2 lbs to go!  I went over my calendar yesterday and decided that I will just do a very short phase 3 this time (just five days) and then do my last round so that it will be over with and I’ll be in p3 when I go to Idaho in November.  It feels weird to know that I may be at my goal weight in just over a month.  I am shocked that I lost so much weight last yesterday.  I ended up eating a greek yogurt smoothie (I figured that eating the greek yogurt would be about the same as eating cottage cheese) for dinner, I accidentally had flavored creamer in my coffee yesterday, I forgot my water almost completely yesterday, and I spent the whole day packing up my office for our move this morning, which means I was doing some pretty heavy labor all day (and I hear that you can actually gain weight on HCG if you work too hard).  All of those things combined made me sure that I would gain a bit or at least stall and I didn’t.  I’m happy to know that greek yogurt doesn’t stall me because I love those smoothies and it’s just another thing I can add to my very limited list of things that I will eat for dinner and I’m just sick to death of everything else.  I’m a little nervous that once I get my water intake back to normal today, I will end up re-gaining some of the weight.  If I do though, it’s okay.  I know it’s just water weight!

Update:  I wasn’t able to take lunch to work today because we are moving offices and the refrigerator and the microwave were on a truck at lunch time.  I decided to go to Tokyo Joe’s and get some steamed vegetables and some chicken breast.  I ended putting about 1 T of teriyaki sauce on the chicken and was feeling bad so I skipped my fruit hoping the lack of fruit-sugar would make up for me eating real-food-sugar.  I really wanted to dump the whole thing of sauce all over, and get rice instead of bamboo shoots and edamame so I was at least partially successful.  Because our water dispenser was also on a truck, it was hard to drink a ton of water at work today, so I’m doing my best to catch up today while I’m at home.  I also need to drink some smooth move tea because I forgot to yesterday.  What I would really like to do is go get some magnesium liqui-gels like Erica takes but I don’t have the money for it right now.  That will have to wait until payday. 


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  1. Bre
    Sep 23, 2010 @ 11:30:43

    You can reach your goal by November for sure!


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