R2 VLCD Day 7

One week down, two to go.  Then five days off…reload…and my final (hopefully) three weeks!!!  I lost nothing yesterday but gained nothing either which is actually really good.  I went to the store and bought magnesium softgels and am wondering how long they take to kick in now.  I’m on day three I think with no “party” in the bathroom and it would be nice to see some action!

Mom – I’m so glad you are doing this diet with me now.  Yesterday it would have been very easy to give up but just knowing that you and Erica and Bre are “watching” made it easier not to.  I hated even having to admit that I went off protocol for two days, and I hated having to go off protocol for two days (well, at least at lunch time) and normally just having two off days like that would have opened the doors for me to quit any other diet.  With so much support around, who can be a quitter?

Bre – The tea I use is called “Get Regular.”  I call it Smooth Move because more people recognize that name, but if you look around in your grocery store for a tea that has senna in it, you should be able to find something.  I think mine was in the organic section, but your store may have it right next to that digestive tea that you bought before.  Mine was right by the digestive teas at least.

Erica – I can’t wait until November!!! 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TonnieLoree
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 11:20:10

    Oh Mia, you are so brave. I think it was better to make the best choice you could at a restaurant rather than eating nothing and finding yourself ravished by the time you got home and attacked the refrigerator. I love this project, and the inspiration that you give to me every day. Sometimes I’m more proud to tell you of my losses than I am to realize them for myself. I also thank Bre and Erica for their support.


  2. ericalkovacs
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 17:49:43

    You are sticking with it, and you’re doing wonderful!

    I can hardly wait till November too!


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