R2 VLCD Day 16

My darn body just doesn’t want to give up any fat I guess because I only lost another .2 lbs.  I finally made it to 160.8.  I thought by now I’d be well into the 150’s.  I’m definitely giving my body a break before I do round 3 because the diet isn’t worth the tiny amounts of weight that I’m losing right now.  My mom’s having a hard time right now, too.  She’s on a pretty long stall which is frustrating her and me.  I want to fix it for her and I don’t know how.  I told her last night to double up on her protein at dinner and maybe try not eating shrimp for awhile (I heard that shrimp stalls some people).  I hope it works because I feel so bad for her right now.  She really needs to do an apple day, but I think she loves apple day as much as I do, lol.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bre
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 08:46:07

    Oh Mia, I am sorry you and your mom are having such a hard time. Try a mini steak day. I know it might be harder than an apple day but it really worked for me when I did it!

    You are exactly at the weight I want to be at by the time I have to be a bridesmaid in Feb. That will be I would be down 100lbs.

    You are still doing really good Mia! Im sorry its so frustrating right now.


  2. hiddenbeauty
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 19:00:20

    Oh just read your blog. Apple days stink! Maybe a mini steak day would be a better option.


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