October 19, 2010

I love my job, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before.  I feel important there…not important like I’m the best or anything, but important like Ingrid needs me there.  I’ve been helping her do expert searches on some of our cases and she just sent me a list of all of our current searches and we have 76 cases where we are searching for experts.  Maybe I should explain what I do…

My company helps attorneys find expert witnesses.  My boss, Ingrid, was an attorney doing mostly medical malpractice cases and she spent a lot of her time trying to find expert witnesses (usually doctors) for her cases.  It’s not as simple as it seems.  If a person is suing a Neurosurgeon, you can’t run out and get any doctor out there to act as a witness and say there was malpractice, you have to have a neurosurgeon.  Usually a neurosurgeon who lives and works in a different state than the neurosurgeon who is being sued.  You have to make sure they aren’t friends, you have to make sure they didn’t go to medical school together, and that neither of them have ever worked for the same company.  It gets pretty complicated.  Ingrid decided to quit her job as an attorney and start Expert Consulting Services.  Not only does ECS help the attorney find the expert they need, but we do all of the administrative work for that expert.  That means copying, indexing, and archiving all of the medical records (or accident reports, or whatever evidence is involved in the case that is pertinent to our expert’s work), handling all of the engagement letters and retainers and billing and payments, scheduling phone conferences, depositions, trial testimony, site visits, etc., and dealing with very tight deadlines in some cases.   In August of this year, our business basically blew up.  No, not that kind of blew up.  Blew up as in doubled in case numbers.  We are so busy!  I’ve been working from home a lot (Ingrid lets me track my at-home hours and pays me quarterly for those hours as a bonus because I’m salary and the at-home stuff is not part of my regular job that I’m paid salary for).  Generally my at-home work is entering potential experts for our cases.  We try to send a minimum of 25 emails to different potential experts per case.  That’s a lot of people to find and email and hope they want to work on a case for us.

So that’s what I do.  Scheduling, emailing, billing, records.  I haven’t even begun to describe the work that Ingrid has.  She is by far the busiest person I’ve ever met and yet she still finds time to hang out with her son.  She’s a great mom and I want to be like her when I grow up.  Everybody who knows her, loves her.  She has a million friends.  I have three friends lol.

Oh, on another exciting note, I went to pick Chloe up from pre-school and had a note on her sign in/out sheet that we were getting two free weeks of child care.  We pay $217 per week, so that’s a $434 credit on my account.  We got it because we have never paid late and they say we are a VIP family.  Anyways, I asked Aaron if I could have $200 of the money that we won’t have to pay for childcare on the next check and he said yes, so that’s an extra $200 for my vacation!   I wanted to take Erica out and have our nails done, and eyebrows waxed and get pedicures and now it looks like we’ll definitely be able to afford that (I’m thinking it’s going to be about $160 for the both of us to get all of those things done…that sounds about right, right?).  I’m so excited!!!


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  1. Erica
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 09:11:35

    OMGOSH how exciting!!!!! The Lord has been pouring out His blessings on you and your family!♥

    I talked to one of my closest friends yesterday on the phone and asked her if her friend ,who has a salon out of her home, does nails and pedicures and such. She said she absolutely does. She is a Christian lady and the cool part is we wouldn’t be shooed out because other clients are coming in, it would be just us. She charges $30 for a full set of nails and $25 for pedicures. I forgot to ask about eyebrows. Anyhoo, I’m not sure if that interests you or if you’d rather go somewhere else. We still have plenty of time to look around to find places.

    I guess I didn’t really understand what you did for work. Sounds amazing! I’m glad you have such an amazing boss you sees you for the true gem that you are. ♥


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