October 23, 2010

I realized last night that I have actually gone five days without smoking.  I don’t know why I thought yesterday was only day 4…so that’s better than I had originally thought.  I have to take off my patch at about 7:30 at night because otherwise I get horrible dreams.  I was up until past midnight last night and about 9:30 I started to get really pissy.

My niece and nephew are over today.  I’m taking the girls grocery shopping with me and Aaron is changing his brake pads and then taking Stefan’s boat back up to his house in the mountains.  I’m going to make the boys move all the storage stuff downstairs and put all their bedroom stuff upstairs today as well.  I think today is going to be really busy.  I want to get it all done today though.  If I put it off until tomorrow then it probably won’t get done this weekend.   Jeez, my life seems boring.


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  1. Erica Kovacs
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 10:17:18

    Great job on not smoking!!!
    Sounds like you’re definitely going to be busy. Hope you have a great weekend, despite being busy. ♥


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