October 30, 2010

Oh man, so many things going on today and all I want to do is sit here and play on the computer.

Chloe was up barfing all night.  Now she’s taking a very long nap (3 hours so far) to make up for all the sleep she didn’t get last night.  Aaron and the boys are sitting here watching Iron Man 2 about 302773 decibels louder than they need the volume to be set at.  We went to Ross this morning to get some shoes for Chloe, Jacob and I, and a pair of jeans for Aaron and I.  It’s hard making myself spend the money on clothes when I know that money really isn’t there to be spent, but we had to have the stuff so…

I need to go grocery shopping and pick up pumpkins to carve with the kids tonight.  I finally got back into couponing because my stockpile was looking pretty pitiful (I went to get a bottle of shampoo the other day out of the pantry and GASP…there wasn’t any in there.  I haven’t been out of shampoo in almost 4 years).  Now that we’ve moved and things are settled, I feel like I can finally handle the complicated chore of cutting out coupons.


P.S.  I never know how to end my blogs gracefully.  From now on, I’m just saying “goodbye” and then I won’t have to worry about it anymore.


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