November 24, 2010

I actually had to look at a calendar to see what day it is.  I was gone for five days on vacation, came back to work for four days, had the weekend off, back to work on Monday, out sick yesterday, and out sick half a day today, and then four days off.  I’m already looking forward to going back to work next Monday and the holiday weekend just started.  I hate being sick and not going to work – I really enjoy having a routine and sick days just get in the way of that.  So far on my sick day I came home and prepped a turkey to take to my boss’ house (her hubs is going to smoke a turkey for us and we are SO thankful for that because we always miss out on Turkey leftovers since we don’t cook Thanksgiving dinner here), made my spinach dip and made my cranberry sauce.  All I have left to do is the jalapeno poppers but those won’t get done until tomorrow.  Now that everything is done, I get to sit down and relax.  Nothing is worse than having a million things to do when I’m at home supposed to be laying down and trying to feel better.

My sis starts HCG tomorrow and I think Erica started them today.  Good luck you two – I’m really looking forward to January 1st when I can start again and hopefully do this diet one last time and get the rest of my extra weight off!


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