R3 VLCD Day 1

I had to re-do my ticker this morning – I couldn’t bear to see my little ticker go backwards as far as it had gone.  I weigh 168 as of this morning – 5 lbs up from where I stabilized at and a full 8 lbs over the lowest weight I got to on my last round.  So now I have 23 lbs to lose (at one point I only had 16 lbs to go…boo).  I really hope this round goes great.  I was up to 168 yesterday morning and I started crying a little so I decided NOT to really “load” yesterday and just eat when I was hungry.  Well, thanks to the drops – I never got hungry so I pretty much had to force myself to eat anyways and felt full and sick all day long.  I’m so grateful that my last two rounds got me out of the habit of eating breakfast because that used to be my hardest part of the day to get through and now it’s not bad at all.  Today my mission is to get to the grocery store to go shopping and then come home and start cooking some meals for the next few weeks that I can put into the freezer so that I can still eat dinner with my family at night.  I missed eating with my family so bad last time.  I’m going to do a meatloaf, and some meatballs with some sort of sauce.  I plan on eating a lot more vegetables than I did on the last two rounds (I kind of let the veggies go last time) and will probably do some chicken stir-fry pretty often. 

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m really excited to see the scale tomorrow.  It BETTER give me some good news!!!


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  1. jackie
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 19:52:48

    Mia i have no idea how you did this last time with no veggies, if i wasn't eating my veggies i'd REALLY be starving! they are the only thing that makes me feel remotely satisfied! and MMM MEATBALLS!


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