January 14, 2011

Oh man – what a day.

  • Aaron took all 3 kids to the dentist and none of them had cavities.  The visit still cost $180 bucks though as Jacob and Nick both had sealant put on all of their permanent molars to prevent cavities.
  • We spent $402 getting my durned computer fixed.  What a hassle.  I’m glad to say that most of my information survived the blue screen of death – but not all.  Including a letter that I’d been writing to Chloe ever since she was born.
  • I had to update my Quicken for the last two weeks.  My last backup was that long ago PLUS I my computer has been at the repair place for the last week
  • I quit doing HCG for now.  I can’t handle it anymore.  I’m serious about this.
  • I had to pay bills.  That job sucks

I’m ready for the weekend – thank goodness that it starts tomorrow!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erica Kovacs
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 15:10:20

    Yay for no cavities!!!!
    I hope you don’t feel bad for quitting hcg. You have nothing to feel bad about. You have been able to get to a weight you haven’t seen in years….I call that a HUGE success!! Lemme know when you start Atkins. =)

    PS I saw your sister at church today. =)


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