January 20, 2011

Jillian Michaels is a bitch!  Well, maybe not in real life – but if I had to judge what kind of person she was based solely on her Wii workout game – I’d be so busy kicking her that I wouldn’t have time to judge!  Oh my aching legs.  I don’t think I realized I had muscles on the front of my thighs until I started doing her workout.  Somebody once told me “no pain, no gain.”  That person disappeared suddenly and without notice, never to be seen again.

I’m still working out (obviously).  At least 20 minutes in the morning on my Wii fit, and 15 minutes after work – on the bitch.  I’m hoping to bump it up to 30 minutes after work here soon, but I’m not ready.  I like being able to walk into work ON MY LEGS.  I don’t want to have to drag myself up the two flights and down the hall into my office.

After doing HCG my losses are almost laughable but I have lost about 1/2 lb in the last three days.  I’m also using my CalTrac (kind of like the bodybugg, but you don’t have to log your food – you just enter your calories, and without the $10/month subscription) to help make sure that I burn more calories than I eat.  I used the CalTrac a few years ago before I got a bodybugg and I really liked it.  It does the job.


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