January 30, 2011

I figured out something pretty cool last weekend – the cursor on my laptop likes to randomly skip around, or highlight everything that I just wrote and then delete it, and sometimes it likes to do both at the same time just to piss me off.  Apparently, I’m not the only one.  I googled the problem and apparently my touchpad on my laptop is super sensitive so it was picking up “touch” even when I wasn’t really touching it – just the movement of my typing nearby was enough to send it into super sensitive deleting fits!  So the solution was simple – find the touchpad controls (under the “mouse” setting in my control panel) and set my touchpad to be disabled whenever I have an external mouse plugged in.  Easy enough.  Oh wait – there IS no touchpad controls on this computer.  After some further investigation, I found out that Dell doesn’t automatically install the touchpad driver on this particular brand of laptop – you have to be smart enough to go to their website and download it.  And once you get there and hit the download button 42 bleepin’ times and NOTHING happens, you have to be smart enough to realize that Dell won’t let you download stuff if you use Firefox to get there.  So…once you have spent an hour and a half of your life cursing your laptop and Michael Dell (yes – that’s really his name) and Michael Dell’s mother and your own mother and the old lady who lives next door and you decide that you would try JUST ONE MORE RAZZLE-FRACKING TIME TO DOWNLOAD THE GOSH DARNED BLEEPITY BLEEPING DRIVER FROM INTERNET EXPLORER – it will download right away and you’ll have that trackpad driver in your computer in under 30 seconds flat (plus the 1.5 hours spent doing all of the above-mentioned activities, that is).

Dell should invest some of the money it saves when it outsources all of it’s customer service and technical support employees to India on pre-installing the drivers that they have marked as “recommended” on their website and that are free for download anyways.  So basically it would cost them no extra money to put the recommended drivers on to begin with.  But apparently that is not the way of the Dell.

Now on to my workouts that I’ve been doing.  I haven’t.  I forgot about them last week until like Thursday or Friday.  This weekend I went over to the rec center that is a block from my house and found out they have a cardio and weight room there – and the membership is only $52 dollars for 3 months, and that includes access to any of the rec centers in Denver (there’s a ton of them, too).  So tomorrow when I get paid, I’m going down there and signing up.  I can’t promise I’ll work out all the time, but sometimes just signing up is half the battle.  Oh, and I’m going to try to quit smoking again.  I hate quitting smoking – I really do.


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