February 14, 2011

I tried yoga tonight – I decided that I don’t care much for yoga.  I don’t really like the blonde willowy hippy girl whose every word sounds like a fortune cookie (think low, breathy voice “remember class, when weeee give looove to the woooorld and open our heaaaaaarts to otheeeeeers, only theeeeenn may the wooooorld begiiiiin to loooove us baaaaack).  I didn’t really like the 20 minutes of deep meditation where I was fidgeting the whole time.  I guess I was supposed to be focused on my breathing, but when I THINK about breathing, it makes it hard for me to breathe.   I start panicking and wondering what would happen if I quit thinking about breathing and then just forgot to breathe.  Anyways, no more yoga for me.


I took my kids to Jackie’s son’s birthday party last night.  Despite the fact that we had to leave early, the kids had a blast and all came home and fell right to sleep (Jacob even asked if he could go to bed early).  Thanks Jackie!


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