Loading Day #2

Oh man – I have blogs everywhere.  I tried blogging to my mjconhcg.blogspot blog, but couldn’t log in.  So then I logged into my miaisneat.blogspot blog and posted there.  Then I remembered THIS blog, which was the blog format that I finally settled on because WordPress is so easy to use.  So here’s what I posted this morning:

I had another blog going (MJConHCG) but cannot figure out how to log into it so I’ll go back to this old blog of mine.  I forgot I even had it – but I’m not sure that I had much to say anyways.  I’ll have to figure out how to log in and link the two blogs I guess.

I decided to do HCG again – I’ve been working out and recently started doing yoga as well and haven’t lost any weight.  I realized that my biggest issue is that I eat the wrong types of foods, and drink wine far too often. I wanted a way to force myself to detox from the chemicals I’ve been ingesting, and to just HAVE to stop drinking wine (a glass or two – or sometimes three) almost every night isn’t a good weight loss plan.  So on Friday night, as I was drinking a glass of wine (hahaha!) I decided I was going to make healthier choices, and reduce my food portions.  HCG came to mind.  I have done it before and had amazing success, but never followed through with the healthy lifestyle afterwords, and so all the weight came back on.  It took about two years to gain what I had lost in two months.  I don’t feel like spending two years trying to lose it again.  I remembered the rapid weight loss from before – the total re-shaping that my body underwent.  I remember putting on smaller jeans and that feeling of utter joy when I could zip them up with ease.  I remember when the comments and complements started rolling in.  I remember going down a shirt size and NO MORE MUFFIN TOP.  So that’s where I’m at now – I remember these things and I want them back.

Today is my second day of loading.  I don’t really like loading – yesterday I tracked my calories and was determined to eat 4000 calories.  I did it – but felt like crap all day long.  I don’t know if I can force myself to do that again today.  What’s worse is that I know that tomorrow morning I’ll wake up starving and wishing that I could eat anything besides whatever it is that I will end up taking for lunch to work.  I know what’s in store for me and I’m dreading it.  It’s only 21 days, right?  Three short weeks.  Right after the 21 days are over, I’ll be starting phase three as I travel to Salt Lake City for a two day convention for work.  I’ll have to use all my willpower to make good phase three choices.  It’ll be easier than doing phase two though, that’s for sure.

That’s about all I have to say for now.  Wish me luck as I try this *yet again*!


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