VLCD Day #3 178.8 (-6 lbs total)

Another 2.6 lbs down for a total of 6 lbs. in two days.  I’m a little sad because I know the big losses are probably over (I may be able to eek out another pound or so tomorrow), but I’m super excited to be .2 lbs below the lowest weight I got when I was working out five nights per week and walking 2 miles, 7 days per week.  Again, I think the wine was a major player in why I wasn’t losing any weight, so I’ll have to be very careful to make sure that I only drink wine occasionally, instead of some every night.  I also remember how HCG really lowers your tolerance for alcohol, which means one glass of wine will probably now have the same effect on me that three used to have.

We are in the process of trying to hire somebody at my work to do my job so that I can focus more on marketing.  I was recently promoted to Director of Marketing for ECS, and I’ll actually be splitting my time between marketing for ECS (the company I work for now), and VLO, the law firm that my boss’s husband owns.  I’m excited for the new challenge, but dreading the whole interview/training thing.  We posted our ad for the job last night and I’ve received about 50 responses so far.

Yesterday I had a taco salad for lunch and was full afterwards – it felt so good to be full.  I had a chicken breast last night with an apple (I skipped the veggie – I have a hard time eating veggies!).  Today for lunch is going to be chili with onions and jalapenos, and grapefruit.


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