VLCD Day #4 178.2 (-6.6 lbs total)

Another .6 lbs down.  I was hoping for more, but wasn’t too upset with the number.  What I AM upset about right now is that it’s raining like a mofo out there, and has been since yesterday.  We have water coming into our house (not like flood water, just a leak in the basement where the foundation is cracking).  The basement has carpet in it that was installed in the 70’s.  When it gets wet it doesn’t produce a very good odor.  Also, I’m super hungry today.  I was super hungry most of the day yesterday (except for the first hour or so after I finished lunch).  I was hungry after I finished dinner.  I’m hungry now.  I’m not really craving any certain foods which is good.  I’m better at dealing with hunger than I am cravings. 


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