VLCD Day #4 178.2 (-6.6 lbs total)

Another .6 lbs down.  I was hoping for more, but wasn’t too upset with the number.  What I AM upset about right now is that it’s raining like a mofo out there, and has been since yesterday.  We have water coming into our house (not like flood water, just a leak in the basement where the foundation is cracking).  The basement has carpet in it that was installed in the 70’s.  When it gets wet it doesn’t produce a very good odor.  Also, I’m super hungry today.  I was super hungry most of the day yesterday (except for the first hour or so after I finished lunch).  I was hungry after I finished dinner.  I’m hungry now.  I’m not really craving any certain foods which is good.  I’m better at dealing with hunger than I am cravings. 


VLCD Day #3 178.8 (-6 lbs total)

Another 2.6 lbs down for a total of 6 lbs. in two days.  I’m a little sad because I know the big losses are probably over (I may be able to eek out another pound or so tomorrow), but I’m super excited to be .2 lbs below the lowest weight I got when I was working out five nights per week and walking 2 miles, 7 days per week.  Again, I think the wine was a major player in why I wasn’t losing any weight, so I’ll have to be very careful to make sure that I only drink wine occasionally, instead of some every night.  I also remember how HCG really lowers your tolerance for alcohol, which means one glass of wine will probably now have the same effect on me that three used to have.

We are in the process of trying to hire somebody at my work to do my job so that I can focus more on marketing.  I was recently promoted to Director of Marketing for ECS, and I’ll actually be splitting my time between marketing for ECS (the company I work for now), and VLO, the law firm that my boss’s husband owns.  I’m excited for the new challenge, but dreading the whole interview/training thing.  We posted our ad for the job last night and I’ve received about 50 responses so far.

Yesterday I had a taco salad for lunch and was full afterwards – it felt so good to be full.  I had a chicken breast last night with an apple (I skipped the veggie – I have a hard time eating veggies!).  Today for lunch is going to be chili with onions and jalapenos, and grapefruit.

VLCD Day #2 181.4

I lost 3.4 lbs yesterday!!!  Yesterday was seriously hard – I was okay until lunch time when I ate my sad little lunch and was hungrier after eating than I was before I started.  I didn’t really experience any major food cravings and didn’t think about food all day like I normally do on the first day of 500 calories so that was good.  I made some sauteed zucchini and a diced chicken sausage for dinner last night.  I know zucchini isn’t on protocol, but I had a huge one from the garden that needed to be used so I used it.  Anyways – I should have peeled it first.  The skin gets tough when the zucchini is allowed to grow to the size of a thigh.  The chicken sausage was super disappointing.  I ended up only eating part of it, and throwing the rest away.  I ate an apple after that and called it good. 

I also did some research on drops dosage, and saw that it would be okay to up my dose a little bit if I’m super hungry on the 10 drops 3x a day.   I took an extra 10 drops last night and was feeling really good after that.  I’m going to try taking 15 drops 3x a day and see if that helps.

After dinner I decided to make some of my go-to meals that I know I like.  I made two servings of chili (no beans) and two servings of taco meat for taco salad.  I will probably end up living off of those things (plus scrambled eggs and baked chicken breast) for the next 20 days.  I remember getting to the point that those things were all I could stand to eat.  The baked chicken breast has to be store-bought because they brine their chicken so it stays moist. 

All in all, yesterday was rough but worth it.  The loss is enough to get me excited and keep me going.  I’ll check in again tomorrow.

VLCD Day #1 184.8

I’m done with loading now, and I think I did a good enough job yesterday because this morning I really don’t feel like eating.  I skipped coffee altogether (I dislike milk and splenda in my coffee – I prefer hazelnut creamer) so that I wouldn’t start off my first day of VLCD going rogue.  My last few (failed) attempts at HCG have always started off with me using creamer in my coffee anyways.  I only gained 2.2 lbs during loading, but I know that I loaded well so I guess I’m pretty happy with the low gain – that means I’ll get rid of the excess faster. 

Today for lunch I am having two boiled eggs, some grapefruit, and a half of a cucumber.  I do know that you are only supposed to have one egg, plus two or three whites when eating eggs for your protein, but I’m NOT eating boiled egg whites.  I have a really hard time with my protein at lunch time.  I don’t like re-heated meats because they are usually tough.  I’ll be making some taco meat and some chili for lunches after I go grocery shopping on Wednesday.  I only had $25 to spend this weekend so I had to buy the bare-bones stuff to get me through until Wednesday.  I did buy some chicken apple sausages – they have some brown sugar in them (it was the very last ingredient listed on the package) but since I’m not eating the grissini or melba toasts, I’m hoping that it will be okay.

Wish me luck today!  Actually, wish me luck in a few days.  The first days are easiest, after that is when I rationalize everything and decide that I’d rather spend hours in the gym than a few days eating the same foods.

Loading Day #2

Oh man – I have blogs everywhere.  I tried blogging to my mjconhcg.blogspot blog, but couldn’t log in.  So then I logged into my miaisneat.blogspot blog and posted there.  Then I remembered THIS blog, which was the blog format that I finally settled on because WordPress is so easy to use.  So here’s what I posted this morning:

I had another blog going (MJConHCG) but cannot figure out how to log into it so I’ll go back to this old blog of mine.  I forgot I even had it – but I’m not sure that I had much to say anyways.  I’ll have to figure out how to log in and link the two blogs I guess.

I decided to do HCG again – I’ve been working out and recently started doing yoga as well and haven’t lost any weight.  I realized that my biggest issue is that I eat the wrong types of foods, and drink wine far too often. I wanted a way to force myself to detox from the chemicals I’ve been ingesting, and to just HAVE to stop drinking wine (a glass or two – or sometimes three) almost every night isn’t a good weight loss plan.  So on Friday night, as I was drinking a glass of wine (hahaha!) I decided I was going to make healthier choices, and reduce my food portions.  HCG came to mind.  I have done it before and had amazing success, but never followed through with the healthy lifestyle afterwords, and so all the weight came back on.  It took about two years to gain what I had lost in two months.  I don’t feel like spending two years trying to lose it again.  I remembered the rapid weight loss from before – the total re-shaping that my body underwent.  I remember putting on smaller jeans and that feeling of utter joy when I could zip them up with ease.  I remember when the comments and complements started rolling in.  I remember going down a shirt size and NO MORE MUFFIN TOP.  So that’s where I’m at now – I remember these things and I want them back.

Today is my second day of loading.  I don’t really like loading – yesterday I tracked my calories and was determined to eat 4000 calories.  I did it – but felt like crap all day long.  I don’t know if I can force myself to do that again today.  What’s worse is that I know that tomorrow morning I’ll wake up starving and wishing that I could eat anything besides whatever it is that I will end up taking for lunch to work.  I know what’s in store for me and I’m dreading it.  It’s only 21 days, right?  Three short weeks.  Right after the 21 days are over, I’ll be starting phase three as I travel to Salt Lake City for a two day convention for work.  I’ll have to use all my willpower to make good phase three choices.  It’ll be easier than doing phase two though, that’s for sure.

That’s about all I have to say for now.  Wish me luck as I try this *yet again*!

January 4, 2012

I finally quit smoking (again) – this time I only gained 2.4 lbs in the first week.  I’m currently on day 8 with no cigarettes and decided that if I’m strong enough to quit smoking cold turkey, then I’m strong enough to count calories for 12 weeks.  I always quit about 3 weeks in.  I have gained about 12 lbs back from after I did HCG, although my last two “rounds” were only a few days long, and I didn’t stabilize afterwards.  My blog posts are always about weight, aren’t they?

My son – my oldest son.  He got himself in trouble and we are dealing with all that stuff now.  I really need a break from all these damn trials.  I think the majority of my life has involved some major stuff of some sort.  I wish for a boring life.


July 13, 2011

I hate that I’m back on HCG again – but here I am.  I only had 15 lbs to go (well, 18 after loading) and working out in the gym was getting boring.  I figure I can work out for three or four months to finish losing the weight just in time for winter clothes, or I can spend 3 weeks of mental agony and just get it over with.  I rarely ever choose agony.  I’m on VLCD #3 and as of this morning I’m down 4.4 lbs.  13.6 to go.

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