VLCD Day #1 184.8

I’m done with loading now, and I think I did a good enough job yesterday because this morning I really don’t feel like eating.  I skipped coffee altogether (I dislike milk and splenda in my coffee – I prefer hazelnut creamer) so that I wouldn’t start off my first day of VLCD going rogue.  My last few (failed) attempts at HCG have always started off with me using creamer in my coffee anyways.  I only gained 2.2 lbs during loading, but I know that I loaded well so I guess I’m pretty happy with the low gain – that means I’ll get rid of the excess faster. 

Today for lunch I am having two boiled eggs, some grapefruit, and a half of a cucumber.  I do know that you are only supposed to have one egg, plus two or three whites when eating eggs for your protein, but I’m NOT eating boiled egg whites.  I have a really hard time with my protein at lunch time.  I don’t like re-heated meats because they are usually tough.  I’ll be making some taco meat and some chili for lunches after I go grocery shopping on Wednesday.  I only had $25 to spend this weekend so I had to buy the bare-bones stuff to get me through until Wednesday.  I did buy some chicken apple sausages – they have some brown sugar in them (it was the very last ingredient listed on the package) but since I’m not eating the grissini or melba toasts, I’m hoping that it will be okay.

Wish me luck today!  Actually, wish me luck in a few days.  The first days are easiest, after that is when I rationalize everything and decide that I’d rather spend hours in the gym than a few days eating the same foods.


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